10 Tips to Acheiving Impeccable Customer Service Within Your Business


1. Create an environment for your employees to be first in your business. Treat them the way you want your customers to be treated. Your customers will be happy. (If you do not want to deal with employees it is best to outsource to a VA team or a call center)

2. Find the right customer service solution for your business. Customer expect support from multiple of channels...such Twitter, email, your business website, phone, chat support to name a few. How are you handling your customer's needs? Here are a few platforms that are great to use in your business to help handle your customer needs: Freshbooks, Desk.com, 17hats, mhelpdesk (service industries).

3. Respond to every customer...Even if you do not agree with their comments. Take a step back breathe and look at the sitution from the customer view. Personalize the response and answer it with empathy.

4. Respond to customers in real time...When a customer call or email respond quickly. Make it a memorable converstation. We live in a world where everyone want it now. Not an hour from now.

5. Be Generous...If a customer is not satisified. Offer a refund or discount on a future item.

6. Provide Great Service...If the customer is not happy. Sometimes you have to get creative and try something new. Give your employees/outsource company a little leverage to win a customer over for life.

7.Surprise your customers...Customers are use to getting the run around. Suprise them with a first call resolution and follow up with the customer via the channel they connected with you.

8. Become efficient...Stop running after the money and stand out with amazing service. Stand back and watch your bottom line incresae.

9. Provide ways for your customer to resolve their own problems. Offering blog posts, guide, and FAQ's to name a few ideas.

10. Create an environment where your customer is happy and they will continue to come back. Send out thank you notes.

Lameka Jackson, Chief Happiness Officer, at Six Twenty One. A place where businesses can get a major leg up on the competition by having a dedicated call center to handle orders, provide customer service or handle tech support. It's more affordable than what you think! Get an ARMY of customer service reps at your beck and call.

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26 Apr 2017

By Lameka Jackson