6 FREE Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses



I know that I'm not the only one out there that wants to help Black businesses, but sometimes the way my bank account is set up prevents that from happening. Well, fear not! There are several ways that you can help Black businesses survive while still making sure that your bills are paid. Here are 6 FREE ways to support Black-owned businesses:

1. Download Black-Owned Apps
You are on your phone all day anyways! So much effort goes into creating an app, so make sure to support black entrepreneurs that have created an application that either entertains you or makes your life easier. My favorite free apps are WeMojis and Plum Perfect (helps you pick out your best lipstick shade!)

2. Free Advertising
Just because you haven't yet had your payday doesn't mean that someone else isn't willing to buy. Help spread the word for Black-owned businesses by tweeting about them to your friends and sharing their websites on social media. If you need a list of great Black businesses to support, check out this post and also follow The Black Wall Street on twitter!

3. Read Black-Owned Blogs 
Yes, blogging is definitely a business! Support your favorite Black bloggers by frequenting their sites and commenting on posts. Need a good list of Black bloggers to support? This is no way a comprehensive list; however, this list of 200+ AMAZING Black Bloggers should keep you entertained for a while.

4. Promote Black-Owned Crowdfunding Campaigns
Know a Black-owned business that is trying to raise money on a crowdfunding website? Promote it to your social media followers. BBNOMICS has a crowdfunding site for black-owned businesses.

5. Like and follow their social media profiles
The more followers on social media a business has, the more credibility they have, some would say. Help build your favorite black business's credibility online so that more people will trust buying from them.

6. Attend their free webinars
After you have followed your favorite Black owned businesses online, make sure to check out their timelines to see if they have any free events or online seminars. The power in numbers will give the business the confidence that they need to keep thriving.

I have been making a conscious effort to buy more Black-owned products and I think that you should too; however until that paycheck comes, try out these free ways to show support. Do you have any additional ideas?

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10 Sep 2015

By Bryanda L