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The Pay Gap Is Severely Affecting Black Women, Yet Only 1 In 3 Americans Know It

by Taryn Finley on

Black Woman are STILL not being paid equally. ... Read full article

Entrepreneurs: Exploring Your Professional Passion


What do you want to be when you grow up? ... Read full article

Time Inc. sells Essence to black skin-care mogul

by By Keith J. Kelly on

Essence is 100% Black Owned Again.... Read full article

Chicago just lost its largest black bank and no one noticed.

by Mike "Orie" Mosley on

Yet another Black Owned Bank has closed. week before the start of Black History Month, Seaway Bank, Chicago’s largest black-owned bank was sold to State Bank of Texas of Dallas. At the time of this acquisition, Seaway was no longer black-owned. ... Read full article

10 Small Expenses Killing Your Budget

by Allison Martin on

Are you wasting money without even knowing it? ... Read full article

What Happened to the Black Banks?

by Patrice Gaines on

Only 22 Black Owned Banks remain!!... Read full article