Interview: David Anderson Tells You How To Sell People On Anything


Former radio producer and host of The Business Bully PodcastDavid Anderson stopped by to chat with The Breakfast Club. 

Anderson has a new book out called Pitch Close Upsell Repeat: A Practical Guide to Sales Dominancein which he breaks down the simplest version as to how to be a sales person.

Check out the interview below for more on David, the book and the following. 

- Working on as Ricky Smiley's producer and putting him into syndication in 30+ markets.
- Why did he leave the show?
- People should realize things keep changing at the Ricky Smiley Morning Show and If you look at the situation who is the common denominator? 
- Became a full fledged entrepreneur since the radio industry is not stable.
- He discusses the strategies you have to use to sell someone on something.
- His thoughts on Bill Cosby and being a Temple alumn.
- Discusses being molested at a young age.
- He believes you should never cancel a meeting, you have to respect people's time.
- Does everyone have it in them to be an entrepreneur?
- Plus more.

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06 Apr 2016