The Ultimate Black-Owned Online Business Holiday Gift Guide (U.S. Online Shops)



You guys, I haven't worked this hard on a post since I made 200+ Amazing Black Bloggers, and that post took a solid two weeks. 

With the holidays right around the corner, I have already started saving up for holiday shopping and I know that you are on the same page. This year, I am making it my goal to shop only Black-owned businesses for everyone on my gift list. Now some of you may be thinking, "shopping only Black-owned? Isn't that racist?" If that's what you are thinking, then you might want to reconsider your definition of racism. Most of the Black-owned businesses on my list are small businesses and/or family-owned businesses which means that the money I spend is more likely to circulate through our community, as oppose to shopping a larger, internationally-connected brand. Shopping small business means a better economy for us all.

Okay, now to the good stuff. Have you ever gone to a website of a business that you wanted to support and been turned off immediately by their outdated website, dark and shadowy product pictures and lack of social media presence? Me too and it sucks (if this is your business, I can suggest some amazing business coaches! Just keep reading below). Well for this holiday season, I have taken out a lot of the dirty work for you by creating The Ultimate Black-Owned Online Business Holiday Gift Guide (USA). Of course one could never scout out every amazing Black-owned online business out there, but I definitely did try by bringing you over 200 Black-owned businesses that I feel that you can trust. One thing that I kept in mind while making this list is that there is no "one size fits all" to gift buying. Therefore, I have broken down each business into categories based on the different and wonderful people in your life. Enjoy!

For Your Fashion-Forward Boyfriend, Husband or Brother in College



For The Pragmatic Father


For The Mother Who Likes Things That Sparkle


For The Fancy Bag Lady and Clutch Queen

For The Bookworm

For The HBCU Grad or "A Different World" Fan

For The Co-Worker Who Loves Gift Sets

For The Health Nut

For The Sunglasses and Hipster Black-Rims Fanatic

For The Black Creative

The best gift for any blogger or entrepreneur who is trying to monetizing or entrepreneur is an online business coach and/or helpful e-books. This could also be a great gift for investing in yourself!

For The Young Aunt Who Loves Hip Hop Culture

For The Glamorous Fashionista


For The Glamorous & Curvy Fashionista


For The Carefree Fashionista

For The Earthy, Hippie Girlfriend

For The Cousin That Stay Woke

For The "Fresh Boy" Brother or "T-Shirt & Jeans" Type Sister

Cards For Your Classmates, Roommates and Coworkers 

For The Sister Who Loves Bath & Bodyworks

For The Natural Hair Diva and Make Up Queen
There are so many amazing natural hair care companies, that I couldn't possibly list them all! Here is a good list of 70 hair and cosmetic companies from Bougie Black Girl. If you decide to try something new, try gifting a subscription box:

For The Social Butterfly

For The Musician in a Band

  • A custom guitar from Furr Guitars (if you really, really love them)

For Your Relative Who Loves Comicon

For The School Kids Who Need New Clothes

For The Preteen Daughters and Nieces

*What young girl doesn't love nail polish? The best thing about these polishes are that they are free of harsh chemicals!

For The Little Kiddies

For The Furry Family Members

As I mentioned before, this is nowhere near a complete list of all of the wonderful Black-owned companies in the US. Please feel free to add your favorite Black-owned business to the comments for everyone to see!

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This article was republished  with the written consent of its original author Bryanda L. 

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13 Nov 2015

By Bryanda L